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Today’s quote from @jokoanwar

Bagus banget. pic.twitter.com/beDoPNh2lq
— Joko Anwar (@jokoanwar) June 4, 2015

Happy Day!!

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[5 Feb 2015 | Tidak ada komentar | 1,107 views]
Amateur (Hobbyist) Photographer vs Professional Photographer

This article is by Mandi Tremayne.
I like to call myself a “craptacular photographer hobbyist”. I’ve been thinking on the subject lately of amateur photographer/hobbyist vs. (true) professional photographer. I live in an area that is heavily saturated with real photographers and then “photographers”. And I guess I’ve noticed more and more how everyone is a “photographer” these days.
So this has been on my mind a lot, and I wrote a bit about it from the perspective of a hobbyist

Everyone’s a “Photographer”
I consider mysel to be a memory keeper, of sorts. …