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[4 Jun 2015 | Tidak ada komentar | 917 views]

Today’s quote from @jokoanwar

Bagus banget. pic.twitter.com/beDoPNh2lq
— Joko Anwar (@jokoanwar) June 4, 2015

Happy Day!!

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[30 Jan 2015 | Tidak ada komentar | 1,088 views]
This Is the Future of Humanity in One Disturbing Photo

Sitting, eating and virtual reality
I have a dream: That one day, all women, men and children will live in a virtual world devoid of social connection and existential meaning, suckled by a constant stream of saccharine liquids and delectable quasi-nutrients, and preoccupied by an unending wave of sensory distractions and entertainments.
Actually, that’s more of a nightmare, and we may be about to live it. Thanks to the increasing ubiquity of virtual reality headsets and the general physical ease of daily life, it’s going to be more and more common to …