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Turn your iPhone 6 into a Super 8 camera with the Lumenati CS1

14 July 2015 2,289 views Tidak ada komentar

lumenati-cs1Old-school film cameras are trying to claw their way back to relevance by mating with our digital devices.

But none do it quite like the Lumenati Cinematic Smartcase (CS1), a smartphone housing that turns an iPhone 6 into an old-timey Super 8 camera.

The CS1 launched on Kickstarter on Monday, with a fundraising goal of $75,000. The device is designed to help budding filmmakers shoot better video with their iPhone 6 — thanks to its handle, its real-time viewfinder and support for different lenses.

Essentially, this is the ultimate throwback to 8mm film cameras. To start recording, just pop your iPhone 6 into the CS1, pull the trigger and hold it; release it to stop. Real buttons!.

The additional ergonomics helps create stabilized footage as well. The CS1 also has a cold-shoe mount to attach a variety of accessories such as microphones, lights and handles.

The CS1 seems more like a toy — or a novelty item at Urban Outfitters — than something you’d shoot serious video with. But that’s part of the appeal; the accessory maker wants you to shoot low-fi video footage.

At time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign is one day old and already has more than $21,500. For $150 down, you get the early bird special, which includes a black CS1, a 45mm wide-angle lens and a lens wipe — a $250 value.

(Source: mashable )

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